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About LFNM

LFNM (Love First Nations Ministry) has been reaching out to the First Nations communities in Lillooet and Lytton since 2006. Vancouver Yedalm Evangelical church currently helps LFMN with financial management and needed administration. LFNM used to be called as Korean Team and Fraser Valley Korean Team since all the members were from Korean ethnic churches at the beginning. After 2012, LFNM became multicultural as Faith Fellowship Baptist Church joined the team. Until 2017, LFMN visited First Nations Communities in and around Lillooet, BC. 

Since 2018, LFMN has been reaching out to Frist Nations communities in Lytton, working closely with its local organizations, including Lytton First Nation, Stein Valley Nlakapamux School, AG Market Lytton Elementary Daycare, and Helping Hands. 

After a tragic fire on June 30, 2021, in Lytton, LFMN initiated more projects and programs to bring healing and hope to the Lytton community. Many local churches, organizations, and individuals voluntarily joined LFMN without due public recognition. 

In 2022, LFMN started a new partnership over summer kids camps and community services with Siska Indian Band, Westside, Nicomen Indian Band, Kanaka Bar Indian Band, Scuppha Indian Band, and Kumsheen School. 

Throughout the year, LFNM sends an outreach team biweekly or more frequently to communities in  Lytton, and the pastors in LFNM host prayer monthly meetings to stay accountable for this ministry. Currently, LFNM hosts a monthly worship service at Siska Indian Band on the first Sunday of each month at 5 PM.  


Here is a list of the churches participating in the LFNM 2023 Summer outreach trip from August 21 to 25: 


Abbotsford Vision Church 

Maranatha Community Church  

Faith Fellowship Baptist Church

Lifeplace Mission Church

Vancouver Dream Church 

Soongsil Senior Mission Church

Richmond Baptist Church

SouthRidge Fellowship Baptist Church


Our Team

Rev. Daniel W. Park / Chief Executive Director / Lifeplace Mission Church

Rev. Caleb K. Lee / Director / Maranatha Community Church

Rev. Peter C. Park / Director / Faith Fellowship Baptist Church

Rev. Paul G. Hwang / Director / Abbotsford Vision Church

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